Biomineralization technology applications

Subsurface permeability or porosity reduction.

Biomineralization technology has applications wherever subsurface permeability or porosity reduction is desired. This includes situations when subsurface pore space needs to be filled or when porous materials need to be reinforced. Potential applications in the Oil and Gas industry include the following. MET is actively looking for field demonstration partners for these applications.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Profile Modification

Water Shut Off

Sand Control

Proppant Stabilization

Sealing Fractures and Re-Fracturing


Successful Case Studies

BioSqueeze® is MET’s application that specifically targets leaking Oil and Gas wells. BioSqueeze® is able to target the leaking zones in the fractured cement and in the surrounding formation and seal fractures and micro-annuli. Complete sealing is our goal and numerous case studies show our success.

Technical Data

Fracture Plugging Success

The following graph shows an example of injection rate and pressure data collected during BioSqueeze®. We typically inject fluids at constant pressure and monitor injection rate falloff as fracture plugging occurs.

The silver bullet for the Oil and Gas industry

Solutions for all stakeholders

We work with small, mid-sized, and large operators in several basins throughout North America.
Whether you have one well, or one hundred, we can design solutions that work for all stakeholders.