Automation & Controls Engineer/Programmer


BioSqueeze, Inc. is an innovative biotechnology company located in the beautiful state of Montana. Our primary product is BioSqueeze® which is our novel well sealing technology used to solve annular gas issues in the oil and gas industry. Simply put, we provide the most reliable solution for eliminating methane leaks from oil and gas wells.

Job Summary

BioSqueeze, Inc. is looking for a talented team member to advance our controls software and remote-control capability. BioSqueeze is designing our next generation of semi-automated and remote-controlled field pumping equipment and bioreactor systems. You will work hand-in-hand with our design engineers and instrumentation & controls engineers to create and enhance our software functionality so that we can remotely operate our equipment from anywhere in the world. In time, your job will also include the development of expert system capability to enhance controls functionality. As a key contributor you will work with our extended team to implement these systems.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Design, develop, modify, implement, and support software components anywhere in the software stack. This includes:
    • Control system programming
    • Local and remote graphical user interfaces
    • Next generation architecture development
    • Real time data storage & retention
    • Summarize, explore, and manipulate large data sets
    • Troubleshooting, support, and sustainability of software systems
  • Ability to expand software revisions/versions across multiple hardware platforms.
  • Provide input and help to establish/implement a software testing, Q/A, revision control, and release process.
  • Participate in the control hardware design and component selection
  • Work in close partnership with cross-functional teams and management
  • Meet release deadlines while continuously innovating.

Qualifications & Skills

  • Minimum 7+ years of control systems and programming experience
  • Expertise in C/C++, Python, and PLC programming languages
  • Knowledge in networking and communication protocols (Ethernet/IP, CIP, RS485)
  • Advanced understanding in system integration and automation:
    • Data transmission and aggregation
    • Remote control (latent and real-time)
    • Hardware and software control logic
  • Must pass drug and alcohol screening (includes marijuana/THC). Employee who may be required to go to our customer sites from time to time must agree to be randomly tested at any time for any reason as per customer requirements.

Additional Beneficial Skills

  • Fundamental knowledge of machine learning techniques.
  • Fundamental knowledge of Microsoft Access for data management

Job Location: Butte, Montana

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