Senior Research Engineer/Scientist


BioSqueeze, Inc. is an innovative biotechnology company looking for a senior researcher to lead biomineralization research projects and programs. BioSqueeze Inc. is the world leader in the application of biomineralization technology to solve problems in the oil & gas industry. We are currently expanding our efforts into soil stabilization and other areas.

Job Description

  • Collaborate with other senior staff team to develop new and innovative strategic R&D programs to enhance our biomineralization expertise and commercialization efforts.
  • Provide fundamental and applied research which will strengthen our ability to move into new biomineralization markets both in the near term and long term.
  • Design and supervise laboratory experiments that enhance and optimize our biomineralization processes, including:
  • Investigating the longevity of our biomaterials.
  • Enhancing the boundaries of our current applications.
  • Analyzing process data and methodologies to enhance existing processes, create new process theories and develop solutions for potential process improvements.
  • Investigating methods to maximize strength and bearing capacity of biomineralized sand/soils.
  • Investigating methods to decrease permeability in simulated wellbore sealing. Evaluate parameters related to nutrient types and ratios, microbial growth.
  • Investigating projects related to enhanced oil recovery.
  • Utilize your skills and knowledge to find technical solutions which solve field issues, optimize production/field time, and/or help us to delight out customers.
  • Become a world leading expert in biomineralization.
  • Assist and lead in the proposal writing for mid- to large-scale R&D programs, applied development programs, and general contracts with government entities and private sector companies.

Required Skills

  • Management skills – direct the tasks of a small research group
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Good proposal writing skills
  • Ability to come up with creative solutions to solve complex problems.
  • Intellectual curiosity and interest in participating in (and leading) research projects.
  • Ability and expertise in work with engineering teams to move newly created technology from the lab to pilot scale and beyond.


MS or PhD (preferred) in Chemical Engineering, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, or related degree.


Minimum of 10 years research experience in a commercial setting.

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