BioSqueeze® Plugs a Thief Zone in a Waterflood Injection Well


Jun 01, 2022


Injection Water Leaking Through Fractures Behind Casing Into Thief Zone

BioSqueeze Inc. worked with an oil company in Indiana to seal fracture-related flow pathways that developed in wellbore cement causing injection water to bypass the oil-bearing formation and enter a high permeability sandstone thief zone—thereby substantially reducing injection pressure.



Biomineralizing fluids were pumped into the leaking annulus while pressure and injection rate were monitored to assess the flow-to-pressure ratio (injectivity). After several days a 66% reduction in injectivity was reported. A comparison of temperature logs prior to and after treatment also show reduced fluid flow, indicated by wider spacing of measurement passes. A test performed two weeks after the end of the project, found that microbially induced calcium carbonate precipitation (MICP) continued for weeks after treatment.

Temp Log


BioSqueeze® Reduced Injectivity by 84%, Allowing the Well to be Placed Back on Injection.

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