BioSqueeze® on Five Horizontal Producing Wells

The Problem

Bradenhead pressures ranging from 80 to almost 900 psi

Montana Emergent Technologies (MET) was contracted by an operator in the DJ Basin of Colorado to remediate high bradenhead pressure on several of their horizontal producing wells. These wells had bradenhead pressures ranging from 80 to almost 900 psi. An advanced cement bond log was used to identify an appropriate location on each well to implement BioSqueeze®. Preparation consisted of a rig crew setting a bridge plug, perforating the well, and placing tubing. The workover rig was then moved to the next well. As shown below, MET then connected hoses from our trailer to the wellhead.

The Solution

Bradenhead pressure was reduced to zero psi on all wells treated with BioSqueeze®

MET performed the BioSqueeze® process on each production well. While pumping fluids, the pressure and injection rate were monitored as shown in the plot below. Fluids were pumped at constant pressure and the injection rate dropped over time, indicating sealing of fractures and micro-annuli in the cement and associated zones. After determining that the injection zone was plugged, the equipment was moved to the next well. This process was then repeated for all wells.

The bradenhead pressure was reduced to zero psi on all wells treated with BioSqueeze®. Prior to being placed back on production, the wells were tested for mechanical integrity. They all passed the mechanical integrity test with no additional intervention and were subsequently placed back into production.

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