When you need to eliminate Bradenhead or Sustained Casing Pressure on your Producing and P&A wells, BioSqueeze® is the Silver Bullet! BioSqueeze® is rapidly proving to be the most innovative, effective, safest, and greenest technology available for eliminating gas leakage caused by fractures or micro-annuli in cement behind casing.

Why and How It Works

An Overview

BioSqueeze® is a novel technology that has been proven in both P&A and Producing Oil & Gas wells. Our fluids go where the water goes…seeking out and filling micro-annuli and any available pore space. Once in place, BioSqueeze® fills in the spaces forming permanent, impermeable crystalline calcium carbonate mineral. Because we can penetrate openings as small as a few microns, gas and water are blocked and your gas migration issues are eliminated!

Our Solution

Biomineralization Technology

BioSqueeze® is the innovative, cost-effective solution to your gas migration issues.

BioSqueeze® has been effective where other technologies have failed, including micro cements, fine cements, and resins. Our success rate is unparalleled.

BioSqueeze® effectively penetrates and seals micro-annuli, fissures, cracks and other leakage pathways as small as a couple of microns.

BioSqueeze® After eliminating surface casing pressure on production wells, BioSqueeze® has consistently allowed operators to pass a mechanical integrity test with no additional intervention.

BioSqueeze® is a Safe and Green Technology, before, during, and after application. Nothing but common, non-pathogenic soil bacteria, food-grade chemicals, and fertilizers are injected downhole, leaving nothing but inorganic rock behind.

We work with our customers to find the most effective and economical approach, including rigless operations. Call for references today!


The Proven Solution

Extraction Oil & Gas is well-known to be an innovative leader within our industry, so it was a natural choice to partner with BioSqueeze Inc. to implement their solution to our Plug & Abandon jobs and Producing wells. In each case where we squeezed into previously cemented spaces, BioSqueeze® reduced Bradenhead Pressure to zero and did so without the application of another technology to pass subsequent mechanical integrity tests. It reaches micro-annuli and pore spaces that micro-cements simply cannot. The technology is environmentally friendly and effective.

Kaleb Roush

Production Engineer

Our Values

Why We’re Different

Timely Service

MET has been able to fix difficult surface casing pressure issues quickly, even after an Operator has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on other technology attempts. If we are called in early, after the first cement squeeze fails, we can fix the well prior to costs getting out of control.

Health and Safety

MET is committed to a safe working environment. Our health and safety program has been approved by ISNetworld and PEC Safety. Our non-pathogenic soil bacteria and mineralizing chemicals are safe for both people and the environment.

Active Operating Facilities

MET has been active in several Oil & Gas basins. With our mobile units we have the ability to quickly mobilize to any basin in North America.

Case Studies

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