Stuart Bodden Joins BioSqueeze Board of Directors

BioSqueeze Inc. provides an innovative new solution to the oil and gas industry, sealing methane leaks more efficiently and effectively than traditional methods

February 7, 2024 11:03 AM Mountain Standard Time

BUTTE, Mont.BioSqueeze Inc., the world leader in commercial biomineralization, announced today that esteemed oil and gas executive Stuart Bodden, President and CEO of Ranger Energy Services, is joining its board of directors. Bodden’s addition to the board provides indispensable value to the leadership team as they continue to innovate and expand BioSqueeze’s services.

Bodden brings with him more than two decades of experience in various executive roles throughout the oil and gas industry. Prior to joining Ranger Energy Services, Bodden was President and Chief Executive Officer at Express Energy Services in Houston, after previously serving as President Director for Pacific Oil and Gas in Singapore. Bodden was a Partner at McKinsey & Company in the Houston and Singapore offices, leading projects in the oilfield services and upstream oil and gas sectors during his 10+ year tenure. In addition to his role as President and CEO of Ranger Energy Services, Bodden also serves on the board of directors for Bridger Photonics, another Montana based company aimed at helping the oil and gas industry reduce its methane emissions.

“Stuart’s experience in oil field services lends itself perfectly to his role on the board,” said Mark Ranalli, President and CEO of BioSqueeze “His network and understanding of the oil and gas industry is critical to our continued success innovating and expanding to better meet the needs of our partners.”

Bodden’s addition comes at an exciting time for BioSqueeze; One year after receiving $9.4M in series A funding and entering the Canadian market, BioSqueeze is primed for another big year - with expansion into Texas and California.

“I am honored to join the team at BioSqueeze and look forward to helping them navigate their continued growth,” said Bodden “BioSqueeze’s technology provides operators with a vital new tool for efficiently reducing methane emissions. At a time when energy is more crucial than ever it is imperative the industry continues making headway reducing emissions without sacrificing production. Reducing the risk of cost overages by eliminating annular leaks on the first attempt with BioSqueeze maximizes the impact of funding on both emissions and liability reduction.”

As the $4.6 trillion oil and gas industry rapidly moves to reduce its carbon footprint, efficient and effective closure and remediation of legacy assets is of the utmost importance to ensure as many wells as possible are sealed and that they remain sealed permanently. While many wells are relatively straightforward to plug, a significant subset of wells experience integrity issues in the form of annular pressure/vent flow that has proven difficult to remediate with traditional materials like cement and resin. BioSqueeze provides an innovative new solution to this problem utilizing natural soil bacteria that form limestone to restore integrity and eliminate emissions.

BioSqueeze’s natural biomineralization technology was developed in conjunction with the Department of Energy to provide the oil and gas industry with the most effective solution for eliminating fugitive methane emissions. With over 150 wells sealed since 2019, the technology is delivered via low-viscosity, self-diverting fluids that form crystalline calcium carbonate, steadily reducing permeability to create a permanent, gas-tight seal. BioSqueeze assists operators across the U.S. and Canada in reducing methane emissions, remediating difficult well integrity issues, and complying with state and federal regulations.


BioSqueeze’s novel biomineralization technology provides the most effective solution for eliminating methane leaks in oil and gas wells, conserving vital time and resources. BioSqueeze is the world leader in commercial biomineralization, harnessing the natural process by which organisms form new minerals to solve issues for our partners in the oil and gas industry and beyond. Biomineralization is effective, environmentally friendly, and has a host of applications including leak sealing, well integrity, enhanced oil recovery, soil stabilization, infrastructure repair, dust control, and toxic waste remediation.

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