Eliminate sustained casing pressure in producing and end of life (plug & abandon) oil and gas wells with BioSqueeze®.

Using natural biomineralization, BioSqueeze forms a permanent seal in even the smallest leakage pathways to mitigate fugitive emissions that can escape from oil and gas wells such as methane and carbon dioxide.

Why and How It Works

An Overview

Our low viscosity fluids go wherever water goes…seeking out and filling micro-annuli and any vacant pore spaces or openings to eliminate leaks in cemented annuli and prevent greenhouse gas emissions. BioSqueeze forms a permanent, impermeable crystalline calcium carbonate mineral structure similar to limestone that heals fractures in the existing formation and cemented annuli.

Our Solution

Biomineralization Technology

BioSqueeze has proven to be extremely effective at eliminating sustained casing pressure. Routinely allowing wells to pass mechanical integrity tests with no additional intervention.

BioSqueeze is effective where other exotic technologies fail, including micro cements, fine cements, and resins. Our success rate is unparalleled.

BioSqueeze effectively penetrates and seals miniscule leakage pathways as small as two microns wide (0.00008 inches).

BioSqueeze forms a permanent impermeable barrier similar to limestone that strengthens the existing formation and leaves no trace in the wellbore, eliminating the need for costly drill-out or other treatments.

BioSqueeze is composed of naturally occurring non-hazardous soil bacteria and safe food and agriculture grade chemicals.

BioSqueeze is committed to solving your problem. Unlike other service companies we are here to see the project through from start to finish and will work with you to find the most effective and economical solution possible.


The Proven Solution

Extraction Oil & Gas is well-known to be an innovative leader within our industry, so it was a natural choice to partner with BioSqueeze Inc. to implement their solution to our plug & abandon jobs and producing wells. In each case where we squeezed into previously cemented spaces, BioSqueeze reduced bradenhead pressure to zero and did so without the application of another technology to pass subsequent mechanical integrity tests. It reaches micro-annuli and pore spaces that micro-cements simply cannot. The technology is environmentally friendly and effective.

Kaleb Rousch

Production Engineer

Our Values

Why We’re Different

Cost Effective

BioSqueeze has routinely eliminated sustained casing pressure in problematic wells where hundreds of thousands of dollars had been spent trying to solve the problem.

Health and Safety

BioSqueeze Inc. is committed to a safe working environment. Our health and safety program has been approved by ISNetworld and PEC Safety. Our non-hazardous soil bacteria and mineralizing chemicals are safe for both people and the environment.

Active Operating Facilities

BioSqueeze Inc. has production facilities in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Montana and our mobile units allow us to quickly access any North American location for BioSqueeze sealant applications.

Case Studies

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