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Our Story

Founded on Innovation and Groundbreaking Technologies

Montana Emergent Technologies (MET) is headquartered in Butte, Montana specializing in biotechnology applications.  We were founded in 2010 with a goal of innovation and development of groundbreaking technologies, primarily moving novel technologies from the university system to implementation in the field.  Today we are focused on applying our proprietary biomineralization technology in the Oil and Gas industry to eliminate gas leaks travelling through cracks and micro-annuli behind well casing, a problem that has not been solved by other technologies. We are also actively investigating other opportunities for applications of biomineralization in the Petroleum Industry, including enhanced oil recovery and sand control.

Biomineralization technology was developed by the Center for Biofilm Engineering (CBE) at Montana State University under grants from the Department of Energy. MET’s engineers have collaborated with the CBE for several years to refine the technology and implement it in the commercial space. The resulting BioSqueeze® application is the most innovative solution for remediating surface casing pressure on the market today. In fact, after the first few field trials, BioSqueeze® was so effective that after a presentation, a government regulator stated that “this technology could be the Silver Bullet for solving bradenhead issues”. We have since incorporated that statement into our tag line.

Our Experience

Experience in Diverse Industries

The founders of MET have been able to capitalize on decades of engineering experience in diverse industries, such as petroleum, mining, manufacturing, and aerospace. BioSqueeze® has become our passion – implementation of a technology that helps the petroleum industry while improving the environment. Our engineering team excels in many areas, including:

Process Development

Engineering Design

Laboratory to Field Scale-Up

Field Operations Execution

Professional Affiliations

Collaborative Biomineralization Research

MET has long-term collaborations with both Montana State University (MSU) and Montana Technological University (MT Tech). The original biomineralization research that is the basis of BioSqueeze® technology was performed in close collaboration with the Center for Biofilm Engineering at MSU. We also have a close affiliation with the Petroleum Engineering Department at MT Tech which has allowed us to gain a petroleum industry perspective on our products.

BioSqueeze® Technology was developed and tested in the United States. The original laboratory effort and early field implementation came from a Montana State University (MSU) carbon sequestration project funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Early success led to additional DOE field projects managed by MSU with application assistance from MET.

Photo Courtesy of Adrienne Phillips

Photo Courtesy of Lee Spangler

Our Success

Solving our most Pressing Environmental Issues

Partnerships with several Oil and Gas Operators allowed MET to rapidly improve the delivery and downhole application of BioSqueeze® Technology in a short time period. We have had great success sealing P&A wells for which Operators have exhausted all remediation options with no success. We have also eliminated bradenhead pressure on actively producing, horizontal wells. Not only does our process fix the problem, but the wells passedtheir mechanical integrity test with no additional intervention. We are confident that MET’s BioSqueeze® Technology will provide the Oil and Gas Industry with a proven, enabling technology to solve their most pressing environmental issues.

The silver bullet for the Oil and Gas industry

Solutions for all stakeholders

We work with small, mid-sized, and large operators in several basins throughout North America.
Whether you have one well, or one hundred, we can design solutions that work for all stakeholders.