About BioSqueeze®

For more than 8 years, BioSqueeze Inc.’s revolutionary biomineralization technology has been in the works. Its success stems from a unique, collaborative partnership between government, university, and industry experts. In 2014, the Montana State University Center for Biofilm Engineering (CBE) was given $8 million from the Department of Energy to research how microbes could be used to seal problematic defects in wellbore casing cement. The research team, including BioSqueeze Inc. founders Robert Hyatt and Randy Hiebert, found that naturally occurring soil bacteria could form crystalline calcium carbonate that would readily attach to rock, cement, and steel to form a permanent bond.

Innovative Technology

Through this research, the technology behind BioSqueeze® was born. Our founders brought the technology from the lab to the field, developing highly precise and sensitive equipment to make BioSqueeze® even more successful. In 2019, BioSqueeze Inc. sealed its first oil and gas well, successfully eliminating sustained casing pressure and pioneering the latest innovation in the oil and gas industry.

Proven Solution

Today, BioSqueeze® is quickly becoming known as the most effective solution for addressing sustained casing pressure, having successfully sealed leaks in nine U.S. states and two Canadian provinces. Leaks that were once impossible to seal now have a powerful solution, saving oil and gas operators millions of dollars and months of rig time that would otherwise be thrown at futile attempts to seal. BioSqueeze® has many potential applications for the oil and gas industry, and we’ll continue to bring new solutions to the table as leaders in biomineralization.

Our Values


We prioritize integrity in everything we do. We put our clients first, maintaining honesty and transparency in all of our interactions.


Continued innovation drives us to be the world leader in biomineralization applications.

Environmentally Responsible

We work to create a healthier planet by harnessing the power of biomineralization – a natural process for solving problems faced by the oil and gas industry.

Work Ethic

Our strong work ethic emanates from our Montana roots. We continue until our work is done, no matter what it takes.


Our success is defined by solving our clients’ problems. When our clients are satisfied, we are satisfied.


We keep our safety standards high to make sure everyone out in the field goes home safe at night.

Our Team

Our Team

BioSqueeze Inc. is led by a diverse group of experts, with backgrounds in chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, petroleum engineering, business development, sales and more.

Sheena Halaburda, Vice President - Sales, BioSqueeze Canada Inc.
May 2024

BioSqueeze Inc. is thrilled to welcome Sheena Halaburda to the leadership team as Vice President - Sales, BioSqueeze Canada Inc.

Sheena brings over 10 years of experience in various plays across the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin with a background in abandonments, workovers and production operations.

AFWERX Expedient Basing Challenge
May 2024

BioSqueeze Inc. (BSI) was invited to Tyndall AFB to showcase our biomineralization technology as one of 13 companies selected from over 700 submissions for the AFWERX Expedient Basing Challenge!

With this selection BSI is now eligible for a direct award from any DoD entity through the AFWERX Challenge CSO!

Stuart Bodden Joins BioSqueeze Board of Directors
January 2024

BioSqueeze Inc. announced today that esteemed oil and gas executive Stuart Bodden, President & CEO of Ranger Energy Services, is joining its board of directors. Bodden brings more than two decades of experience in various executive roles throughout the oil and gas industry including oil field services, exploration and production, and global natural gas.

BioSqueeze Recognized as Top Innovator
January 2024

BioSqueeze Inc. was recently recognized by Darcy Partners as a Top 10 innovator in the sustainability space in 2023.

James Athans, Vice President - Southern U.S.
January 2024

BioSqueeze Inc. has added James Athans to the leadership team as Vice President - Southern U.S. Athans brings with him over 33 years of oil and gas experience, he began his career in the Permian going on to work in all domestic basins and abroad in North Africa, Russia and the Middle East.

BioMADE Membership
October 2023

BioSqueeze Inc. recently joined BioMADE a non-profit, public-private partnership that is securing America’s future through bioindustrial manufacturing innovation, education, and collaboration.

Air Force Grant
September 2023

BioSqueeze Inc. (BSI) has been selected to undertake a Direct to Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program project with the Department of the Air Force (DAF). The project entitled “Biomineralization using in situ materials to enhance Rapid Airfield Damage Recovery (RADR) and Development of Expeditionary Airfields" will continue to advance BSI's biomineralization technology to strengthen the national defense of the United States of America.

DOE SBIR-STTR Success Story
May 2023

BioSqueeze Inc. was recognized by the Department of Energy for its success developing it's proprietary biomineralization technology from initial SBIR/STTR funding projects focused on carbon sequestration to a successful new tool for eliminating sustained casing pressure/vent flow that has sealed leaks in over 100 wells across North America.

Bryce Yeager, Vice President - Eastern U.S.
April 2023

BioSqueeze Inc. has added Bryce Yeager to the leadership team as Vice President - Eastern U.S. Yeager, a graduate of Penn State, brings with him over 22 years of upstream oil and gas experience as both an operator and service provider.

$7.4 Million Series A
February 2023

BioSqueeze Inc. announced an additional $7.4 million in financing to rapidly expand operations across North America.

BioSqueeze Canada Inc.
December 2022

BioSqueeze Inc. announced the official incorporation of BioSqueeze Canada, with work set to begin in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan in early 2023.

MMA 2022 Startup of the Year
November 2022

BioSqueeze Inc. was recognized by the Montana Chamber of Commerce as the Montana Manufacturing Association 2022 Startup of the Year for it's world class equipment manufacturing and efforts to create jobs in Montana.

IOGCC Chair's Stewardship Award
October 2022

BioSqueeze Inc. was selected as the winner of the Chair's Stewardship Small Business Award at the 2022 Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission Annual Conference in Baltimore, MD for the impact of it's innovative biomineralization technology in helping the oil and gas industry reduce methane emissions.

SPE Technical Paper
October 2022

BioSqueeze Inc. (BSI) co-founder and VP R&D Randy Hiebert presented a technical paper co-authored with Lauren Panzo of Seneca Resources Company LLC (Seneca) at the SPE Annual Technical Conference on Oct 3rd.

BSI was contracted by Seneca to eliminate pressure in two annuli on a natural gas well in PA and was able to seal both annuli with just one squeeze.

Access the full paper via OnePetro https://doi.org/10.2118/210258...

Oil & Gas Cleantech Challenge
September 2022

BioSqueeze Inc. was selected as a finalist for the Colorado Cleantech Industries Association Oil & Gas Cleantech Challenge from an international pool of applicants!

August 2022

BioSqueeze Inc. has been selected to undertake a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIRT) Program project with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The project entitled “Engineered Biological Cement for Surface Hardening in Semi-Aquatic Environments” will investigate using biomineralization for soil stabilization.

Emerging Clean Technologies Award
May 2022

BioSqueeze Inc. was recognized at the Global Energy Show in Calgary, Alberta for its innovative biomineralization technology, BioSqueeze®. BioSqueeze® was selected as runner up for the Emerging Clean Technologies Award from a pool of 250 submissions.

John Griffin, Vice President - Sales
March 2022

BioSqueeze Inc. has added John Griffin to the leadership team as Vice President - Sales. Griffin brings with him over 14 years of oil and gas experience, including offshore in the Gulf of Mexico and onshore across North America.

Ben White, Vice President of Operations
March 2022

BioSqueeze Inc. has added Ben White to the leadership team as Vice President of Operations. White, a 2001 graduate of Montana Technological College, brings with him over 21 years of oil and gas exploration, development, acquisition, and evaluation experience.

New Headquarters
February 2022

BioSqueeze Inc. has moved its headquarters to the historic Hennessy Building in the heart of uptown Butte, MT.

Seed Funding
September 2021

BioSqueeze Inc. closes $4 million seed round of funding with Montana-based investors Next Frontier Capital and Frontier Angels.

Our Locations


130 North Main Street
Butte, Montana 59701


244 Dundee Avenue
Greeley, Colorado 80634


2905 Industrial Boulevard
Bethel Park, Pennsylvania 15102

Fabrication Facility

119934 Rick Jones Way
Butte, Montana 59750

Maintenance Facility

3934 Wynne Avenue
Butte, Montana 59701

Downhole BioSqueeze® - Utica Shale

Case Studies

Downhole BioSqueeze® - Utica Shale

BioSqueeze Inc. was contracted by an operator in the Utica Shale of Ohio to remediate sustained casing pressure in two annuli on a well in the process of being plugged.


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BioSqueeze Inc. Seals Casing Leak

Case Studies

BioSqueeze Inc. Seals Casing Leak

BioSqueeze Inc. was contracted to restore mechanical integrity on a Marcellus Shale well undergoing post frac drillout to bring the asset online.


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BioSqueeze Inc. Seals First Orphan Well

Case Studies

BioSqueeze Inc. Seals First Orphan Well

A Deep Penetrating Annular Surface (DPAS™) BioSqueeze® was used to eliminate annular gas leaking from a plugged orphan well in Cleveland, OH as part of the ODNR's orphan well plugging program.


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DPAS BioSqueeze® Seals 2 Leaking Annuli on Well being P&A’d in WY

Case Studies

DPAS BioSqueeze® Seals 2 Leaking Annuli on Well being P&A’d in WY

DPAS was used to eliminate annular pressure on the 16” x 20 (155 psi) and 20” x 30” (150 psi) annuli on an injection well being abandoned in Wyoming.


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BioSqueeze® Eliminates SCVF on a Well in Alberta

Case Studies

BioSqueeze® Eliminates SCVF on a Well in Alberta


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