Certified Natural Gas: Monitoring & Mitigating Methane


Aug 02, 2022

What is Certified Natural Gas?

Certified natural gas is natural gas produced in line with ESG standards, as verified by a trusted third-party organization. Certification allows the industry to provide natural gas that is confirmed as responsibly produced, with reduced environmental impact from methane emissions and in compliance with operational best practices.

Who Certifies Natural Gas?

Currently there are three widely-accepted certifications:

  1. Project Canary - TrustWell certification, full lifecycle program spanning well-construction through reclamation, real-time high-fidelity emissions monitoring
  2. MiQ – The MiQ Standard requires methane intensity below an established threshold, use of emissions monitoring technology, and a culture of emissions management
  3. Equitable Origin - EO100 certification, based on social and environmental ethics and fair labor considerations, partnered with MiQ on methane certifications to provide a comprehensive ESG certification

Why Does Certified Natural Gas Matter?

Certified natural gas provides measurable proof of emissions reduction and incentivizes improved monitoring, measurement, and mitigation through differentiation. As pressure to reduce emissions mounts, consumers can be part of the solution by supporting certified natural gas opposed to non-compliant product.

Who is Certified?

These companies are leading the way, working to monitor, measure, and reduce menthane emissions:

  • Range Resources - A pioneer in Marcellus Shale drilling, now has the lowest methane intensity in the Appalachian basin and has doubled the frequency of LDAR methane monitoring.
  • Seneca Resources - Recently had its Appalachian gas production certified via Equitable Origin and is adding continuous methane monitoring to well pads for certification with Project Canary’s TrustWell Standard.
  • Antero Resources - Working on a pilot program with Project Canary, certification expected shortly.
  • EQT - Pilot program for well pads with Project Canary, all Appalachian gas is certified via Equitable Origin and MiQ.
  • Chesapeake Energy - Working with MiQ and Equitable origin to have Appalachian production fully certified.
  • BKV - Working with Project Canary to certify nearly 100 pads in Barnett and Marcellus Shale along with midstream assets, including Temple I facility in Texas, benefiting the entire value chain.

How to Mitigate Methane?

Economically reducing emissions can be a real challenge, especially when it comes to mitigating methane at the well. Wells with annular leaks often continue to seep methane even after standard plugging procedure is followed. While a plethora of solutions to solve this problem exist, they are often ineffective, leading to ballooning costs that far exceed initial estimates. BioSqueeze® utilizes the natural process of biomineralization to heal annular cement, permanently sealing leaks at one flat rate.

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