BioSqueeze® Eliminates Annular Pressure Via Surface Squeeze

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Jul 22, 2022


Annular Pressure in a Well Being Retired

BioSqueeze Inc. was contracted by an operator in Ohio to eliminate annular pressure in a well in the process of being retired. The well was leaking from the 13-3/8 in x 9-5/8 in annulus and had several cement plugs in the wellbore, preventing downhole access for a standard perf and squeeze without drillout.



Instead of drilling out the cement plugs and conducting a perf & squeeze, the decision was made to inject directly into the annulus at surface.

Eight injection sequences were run over a two day period, with the well being sealed in at pressure overnight. At the conclusion of each sequence pressure falloff was measured to evaluate progress.

Maximum pressure specified by the operator was 1,000 psi. Pressure quickly rose to 700 psi during the first sequence and was held at 1,000 psi for each subsequent sequence.

The flow rate began at 0.550 gpm at the start of the first sequence and ended at 0.017 gpm at the conclusion of the final sequence. This constituted a 96.91% decrease in injectivity, which implied significant formation


Annulus Permanently Sealed - Annular Pressure Eliminated

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