BioSqueeze® Seals Leaking Gas on a Recently Plugged Storage Well

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Apr 01, 2022


Well With a History of Unsuccessful Attempts to Mitigate an Annular Gas Leak

BioSqueeze Inc. was contracted by a company to mitigate an annular vent in a gas storage well in the process of being plugged. Prior to contacting us, the company had tried multiple times to seal the leak using methods including traditional and gas block cements, resulting in expenditures beyond initial estimates.

Injection Graph


Prior to our arrival, a bridge plug was set in the well, a sand notch was cut, and tubing was set on a packer just above the notch. Our team arrived on site early the next morning and began pumping our low viscosity, environmentally friendly biomineralizing solution into the well. The accompanying graph displays the flow rate and injection pressure during the initial pumping sequence. Flow rates were very low until pressure reached around 890 psi. At this point the flow rate increased significantly allowing several gallons of fluid to be injected.

Injection pressure was increased several more times allowing additional fluids to be injected. Eventually the flow rate began to fall, indicating successful sealing of the leak. Our team pumped two more sequences throughout the day, before pressurizing the well overnight. We returned the next morning to pump two more sequences and finished the job around noon that day. Several days later the operator tested the well, which showed annular venting had been eliminated.


BioSqueeze® Completely Eliminates Annular Pressure in Less Than 36 Hours.

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