BioSqueeze® Permanently Decommissions Runaway Well

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Dec 09, 2022


Well with Leaking Annulus Other Technologies Couldn’t Alleviate

BSI was contracted to mitigate gas on the 8-5/8” x 5-1/2” annulus on a well in Pennsylvania. An analysis of cement bond logs and well history led us to conclude the source of the gas was somewhere just below the intermediate shoe at 1,430’. To prepare the well, a bridge plug was set at 1,460’, perforations were shot through the 5-1/2” casing just above the plug, 2-3/8” tubing was run to the perfs, and a packer was set just above the perfs.


Pressure was stepped up to 1,900 psi in the 1st stage, during with flow decreased significantly. Flow held fairly steady across the 2nd and 3rd stages, with only a slight reduction observed. The well was then shut in at pressure overnight to allow calcium carbonate crystals to form.

Injection resumed the next morning and a significant reduction in injectivity was immediately observed, implying significant growth overnight. Flow decreased significantly in the 4th stage before increasing when a new leakage pathway was intersected in the 5th stage. Flow decreased significantly in the 6th stage and continued to decrease steadily across the final three stages.

The flow rate began at 0.309 gpm in the 1st stage and ended at 0.009 gpm at the conclusion of the 9th stage, with a total of 91 gal injected, a 97.1% decrease in injectivity. Gas prior to treatment was 30% and subsequent monitoring post-treatment confirmed it had been completely eliminated.



Gas Flow Eliminated, Annulus Permanently Sealed

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