BioSqueeze® Seals Bubbling Annulus Expediting Abandonment

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Dec 22, 2022


Gas Migration Delaying Abandonment

BSI was contracted to mitigate pressure on the 9-5/8” x 5-1/2” annulus on a well being abandoned in Pennsylvania. A zone above the 9-5/8” casing shoe was identified as a good location to BioSqueeze®. To prepare the well for biomineralization, a bridge plug was set at 2,800’, two notches were cut through the 5-1/2” casing just above the plug, and 2-3/8” tubing was run to the bottom cut.


Pressure was stepped up to 2,000 psi in the 1st stage, during which a significant volume of fluids were injected. Pressure was quickly brought up to 1,800 psi in the 2nd stage. Flow decreased considerably throughout the stage and at the conclusion of pumping, the well was shut in at pressure overnight to continue biomineralization.

Injection resumed the next morning at 2,000 psi. Flow was very low, so pressure was stepped up to see if new leakage pathways could be opened. A breakthrough was achieved at 3,000 psi allowing a significant volume of fluids to be injected. Pressure was increased gradually in the final stage, with flow falling steadily.

The flow rate began at 0.653 gpm in the 1st stage and ended at 0.009 gpm at the conclusion of the 4th stage, with a total of 222 gal injected, a 98.6% decrease in injectivity, and a significantly flatter pressure fall-off curve.



Bubbling Eliminated Annulus Permanently Sealed

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