Leaking Annulus Sealed via Deep Penetrating Annular Surface (DPAS) BioSqueeze®

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Aug 22, 2023


Storage Well with Pressure on Intermediate Casing

BSI was contracted by a service company on behalf of an operator to mitigate annular pressure (>790 psi) on the 9-5/8” x 13-3/8” annulus on a gas storage well being abandoned in Virginia.

A pump truck attempted to inject fluid into the well prior to treatment and pressured up to 400 psi instantly, bleeding down to 100 psi after 2 minutes.


TOC was identified at 2” below the casing head valve and fresh water was circulated at high rate to clean and prep for a Deep Penetrating Annular Surface (DPAS) BioSqueeze®.

Injection began on day 1 with pressure gradually increased to 225 psi, where it was held constant and very little change in rate was observed. The well was then sealed in overnight to allow biomineralization to continue. Pumping resumed at constant pressure, with the injection rate fluctuating as leakage pathways were sealed and fluids self-diverted. The well was shut in again prior to day 3 and rate began to gradually decrease. Day 4 began after another night of shut in biomineralization. Little fluid was injected at 250 psi, so it was stepped up to 350 psi. This increased injection momentarily as new leaks were accessed and sealed.

The final rate was just 0.017 gpm, constituting a 92% decrease. Gas flow was significantly less at the conclusion of treatment and fell to 0 psi a few days later.



Leaks Sealed - Pressure Eliminated

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