BioSqueeze® Seals Two Leaking Annuli with One Treatment

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Jun 07, 2022


Well with Sustained Casing Pressure in Two Annuli

BioSqueeze Inc. was contracted by a company in Pennsylvania to mitigate casing pressure in both the 9 5/8” x 7” - 85 psi and 13 3/8” x 9 5/8” - 55 psi annuli.

Prior to our arrival, the well was cemented to 550 ft and two narrow sand notches were cut through the 7”, 9 5/8”, and 13 3/8” casings all the way to the formation just above the cement.


Our team arrived on site the next morning and began pumping our biomineralizing solution down the well and through the notches. Four injection sequences were then run over a 48-hour period.

Near the 126-minute mark in the first sequence a blocked channel broke down allowing significantly more fluid to be injected into the leakage pathway. This ended after 12 minutes and the injection rate returned to the previous level.

For each sequence, injection pressure was stepped up gradually until the maximum pressure specified by the operator was reached. At the conclusion of each sequence pressure falloff was measured to assess progress.

Pressure falloff at the end of each sequence was relatively flat with slope decreasing progressively. The average flow rate also decreased with each sequence, both indications of successful plugging.



BioSqueeze® Sealed Leaks in Both Annuli - No Pressure, No Flow, No LEL

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